Valtrex: Recommended
uses and dosages

Valtrex is the recommended prescription to control your outbreaks of the Herpes virus. Listed here are the recommended dosages. It is a safe and effective way to decrease the nerve pain and blistering affects of Herpes.

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Valtrex and how
the Herpes Virus affects people

Valtrex treats the outbreaks related to the Herpes Virus. This article explains the cycle of the Herpes Virus.

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FAQs for Valtrex

Valtrex treats the viral family of Herpes. It is an effective way to reduce the pain and inflammation of outbreaks and reduce transmission.

Valtrex and how the Herpes Virus affects people

Out of the 80 or more known Herpesviridae viruses, there are eight strains that infect humans. The mechanism of the virus is so well adapted to the human host that the human body cannot become immune and it is highly contagious.

Things to know about Herpes Virus

• About 4 out of 5 people in the Unites States have Herpes Labialis (HSV1 or cold sores).

• 1 out of 5 US citizens suffers from Genital Herpes (HSV2)

• Transmission for genital herpes is easiest from men to women.

• Worldwide, more women are infected than men with Genital Herpes.

• Each year in the US, there are reported approximately 1 million new HSV2 infections.

• HSV2 increases the risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV

The Herpes virus infects the body by gaining entry through a cut in the skin. It cannot penetrate clear unbroken skin, but the tinniest scratch allows the virus entry. Once in, it commandeers the cells where it entered and begins to replicate using the cells natural mechanism for reproducing. It changes the cell's DNA to reproduce the virus and the virus's DNA. Once the cell reaches a point of replication, it explodes, infecting the adjacent cells with the newly produced virus. The process continues resulting in the characteristic oozing blisters. This is the most contagious time in the virus cycle.

After which the virus travels up nerve ganglia and takes root in the nerve where it becomes dormant. Specific nerve ganglia are affected by different strains of Herpes. HSV1 resides in a facial nerve near the ear. HSV2 takes up residence at the sacral ganglion near the base of the spine, and Herpes Zoster lie along the back in the vertebrae column called the dorsal root ganglia. Doctors are not sure what causes a recurrence or outbreak. Possible reasons are hormonal changes, stress, diet, skin irritations like sunburn, and fatigue. During an outbreak, the virus travels back down the ganglia to the skin and begins the replication process all over again.

Medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies have not been able to create a drug that can kill the Herpes virus because the virus assimilates into nerve cells of sufferer. They have however been successful in producing a drug that inhibits the replication phase. Valacyclovir, brand name Valtrex, is an effective treatment prescribed for HSV 1&2, Herpes Zoster, Varicella and other Herpes related strains.

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