Valtrex: Recommended
uses and dosages

Valtrex is the recommended prescription to control your outbreaks of the Herpes virus. Listed here are the recommended dosages. It is a safe and effective way to decrease the nerve pain and blistering affects of Herpes.

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Valtrex and how
the Herpes Virus affects people

Valtrex treats the outbreaks related to the Herpes Virus. This article explains the cycle of the Herpes Virus.

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FAQs for Valtrex

Valtrex treats the viral family of Herpes. It is an effective way to reduce the pain and inflammation of outbreaks and reduce transmission.

FAQs for Valtrex

What type of drug is Valtrex?

Valtrex is the brand name for an antiviral drug called Valacyclovir. Doctors prescribe Valacyclovir for use on Herpes related diseases such as:

• Herpes- both genital and cold sores

• Chicken Pox

• Herpes Zoster- aka Shingles

• Suppression of transmission of Herpes related diseases in immune compromised patients and

• HIV patients.

What is a virus?

The word 'virus' comes from the Latin word for poison. A virus is an infectious mechanism that takes over the cells of a host, altering those cells to replicate the virus and not what the cells were supposed to reproduce.

What is an antiviral?

Antiviral is a class of medication designed to treat viral infections. They are virus specific, and work by stopping the replication of the virus. They do not kill the virus.

Why can't an antiviral kill the virus like antibiotics kill bacteria?

Viruses, inhabits the hosts cells and hijacks those cells to replicate or multiply the virus. Because the virus mutates the host's cells, it is difficult to kill those cells and not do grievous harm to the host. For most viruses, the host's immune system reacts to the viral infection, ending the cycle and effectively becoming immune to re-infection. If it can, the hosts system marks the cells infected, and blocks them from replicating the infection or transferring to new cells. However, viruses such as HIV and Herpes compromise the immune system, rendering it ineffective in stopping the viral replication.

What is Herpes?

Herpes is a viral infection that is highly contagious. It compromises the immune system so that your body cannot kill the virus or become immune; it merely goes dormant in your system. The virus affects the nerve cells along a dermatome causing swelling, pain, and oozing blisters in the area of skin at the end of the nerve dermatome during virus replication.

What does Valacyclovir do?

Valacyclovir works by blocking the Herpes virus's ability to copy its genetic code into new cells. This stops the replication process, quelling an outbreak. If taken within the first 48 hours of onset it reduces potency of the infectious state. It helps to reduce the never pain caused by damage to the nerve cells affected by the replication of Herpes.

How do I get Valtrex?

You can shop online here and know you are getting the best prices and best deals for shipping from the most trusted pharmacies. Compare, shop discretely, and have your Valacyclovir prescription delivered to your door.